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Tim(othy) F. LaHaye (1926-)


Tim F. LaHaye has authored many nonfiction books on Bible study and Christian living, but he has perhaps reached his largest audience through his fictional efforts. In his "Left Behind" series, coauthored with Jerry B. Jenkins, LaHaye uses Bible prophecy to create contemporary action plots.

LaHaye began his career as an evangelical pastor. While leading a Baptist church in California during the mid-1950s, he and his wife began hosting a radio program about family life. From that forum, they attacked humanism as an anti-Christian force that would work to destroy traditional family values. One of LaHaye's earliest books, Spirit-Controlled Temperament, sold more than half a million copies. During the 1960s, LaHaye worked to establish a private school system that reflected his Christian beliefs. He also began writing nonfiction books on biblical prophecies, an interest that continued into the 1990s with his fictional series "Left Behind."

The "Left Behind" series begins with an event called the Rapture, which some Christians believe will precede the second coming of Christ. As described in the Book of Revelation, the Rapture is portrayed as a sudden blast of a heavenly trumpet, after which all who have truly been saved will be carried up safely to heaven. Those left behind will have to live through the fearsome "end times" and the rule of the Antichrist. In the first book in LaHaye's series, Left Behind: A Novel of the Earth's Last Days, Rayford Steele is a jet pilot, a married man, and a half-hearted churchgoer. He is considering the possibility of an affair with a beautiful flight attendant when dozens of people suddenly vanish from his plane, leaving only empty piles of clothing behind. Steele soon discovers that millions of people across the country have similarly disappeared, including his wife and a son. It is indeed the beginning of the time of tribulation—the last chance for sinners and lukewarm Christians to work out their eternal salvation before the second coming of Christ.

Over the course of several books in the series, terrible events unfold, as the Antichrist—Satan's most powerful servant—forges a global government and seeks to put his mark on everyone. Having been galvanized into true faith, Steele becomes a member of the Tribulation Force, a small band of Christians dedicated to battling the rampant forces of evil. Many commentators have noted the appeal of changing potentially gloomy prophecies into entertaining novels. Discussing Left Behind in Christian Century, John D. Spalding reflected that the authors have "added sizzle to their apocalyptic visions by casting them as pop fiction. Here the good guys are fundamentalist Christians, the bad guys are everyone else, and the conflict involves a melee of supernatural forces vying for control of the world. Welcome to the Christian thriller. How better to prepare the masses for the end than to mask the message as a fun beach read?" Nicolae Carpathia is the Antichrist, establishes a new religion, and demands that followers receive the mark of the beast or face death. (Cover photo by Julie Chen.) Spalding warned that Left Behind is "full of diatribes and unflattering portrayals of women, liberals, Jews, Californians and the media," but added that it is "suspenseful and surprisingly well written. The characters think and act like real people." The authors also collaborated on a second version of the series, aimed at a young adult audience. "Left Behind" has become the best selling Christian fiction series in history.

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