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Penny Dale (1954-)


Artist and writer. Natural Theatre Company, Bath, England, stage and costume designer, performer, and administrator, 1973-74; Northcott Theatre, Exeter, England, costume and prop designer and maker, 1977; Northumbrian Energy Workshop (designers and installers of wind and water generators), cofounder, administrator, and graphic designer, 1978-82; worked as a painter and printmaker in Wales, 1982-85; author and illustrator of children's books, 1985—. Exhibitions: The Box of Delights, a touring exhibition featuring children's book illustrations by British artists, 1991-93; The Art of Reading, Mercer Gallery, Harrogate, England, 1999; Images of Delight, Bristol, England, 2003; Hands across the Water, Hands across the Sea, touring exhibition in Australia, Tasmania, and New Zealand, 2003; and annual exhibitions organized by The Illustration Cupboard, London, England.

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