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Nick Chávez: 19(?)(?)—: Hair Designer, Model, Entrepreneur Biography

Got Start Grooming Horses, Became Runway Model, Developed Own Hair-care Products

Growing up among the dusty desert ranchlands of the Southwest, Nick Chávez developed an early obsession with animals—horses in particular. As a youngster Chávez filled his days trimming and grooming his horses to perfection, earning piles of awards when he presented them at horse shows. Most people thought Chávez would grow up to be a horse trainer. Instead, Chávez turned his infatuation with grooming into a professional career as a hair stylist and became one of the hottest hair gurus in Beverly Hills, California. The Nick Chávez Salon attracts clients like comedienne Caroline Rhea, Maria Shriver, Ivana Trump, and Queen Noor of Jordan. To complement his salon, Chávez created his own line of hair-care products called Perfect Plus, which hair-conscious consumers seize at a rate of up to $1 million worth of products sold per hour on the QVC home shopping network.

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