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Nick Chávez: 19(?)(?)—: Hair Designer, Model, Entrepreneur - Developed Own Hair-care Products

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Still drawn to hair, Chávez returned to hair styling and Beverly Hills. The more he worked with the various hair-care products on the market, the more dissatisfied he became. Unable to find a full hair-care product line he liked, Chávez took matters into his own hands. He pulled together all of the products he liked and delivered them to a chemist, asking for the ingredients. As Chávez created new products, he tested them on clients to be sure they worked. Instead of rushing his products to the market, Chávez took the time to create products that worked well on all types of hair. In 1994, after two years of experimentation, his "Perfect Plus" line hit the market.

In August of 1994 Chávez appeared on QVC and sold 1,200 hair kits in two minutes. Chávez recalled the moment in his book, "I could hardly believe it, and the look on my face must have been one of pure shock. Moments later, when it hit me, I ran to the phone to call my mom and dad and just started crying. What an amazing feeling that was, and I'll never forget it as long as I live." Chávez still appears on QVC in its U.S., British, and German outlets, as well as on Canada's The Shopping Channel. The products are also an e-commerce hit on QVC's website. He credited the product's success to his perfectionism in taking the time to test and create a perfect product.

In May of 1997, Chávez opened his own salon, called The Nick Chávez Salon. Chávez told CHB that he enjoyed hair styling because it allows him to listen to lots of people and soak up their advice, giving him an education money cannot buy. He also loves the creative side of the business and delights in the immediate gratification both he and his clients get from his services. Chávez is not one to keep his secrets to himself. In 2000 he published Perfect Hair Everyday, aimed at helping people get that stylish salon look in their own homes. The book is packed with step-by-step instructions—including pictures and illustrations—for shampooing and styling every type of hair, from straight to wavy and curly to kinky hair.

Chávez is still interested in horses and owns more than 50. They live at his Yuma, Arizona, ranch, which is complete with an indoor, air-conditioned training facility. His pride and joy is a stallion named José Bueno Chex, who won the United States Equestrian Team Futures Competition silver medal in June of 2002.

With all of his success, Chávez has never forgotten his roots. He used his profits to help with various charities, including the Race to Erase M.S.; the Carousel of Hope Ball for diabetes, held annually in Beverly Hills; the Crenshaw Christian Center of Los Angeles; and Best Buddies International, an organization that helps people with intellectual disabilities. He also gives scholarships to adults going back to school to earn their high school diploma or GED. "As a Latino, I can be a great role model," he told CHB. "By being my best, I can inspire and let others know they have a chance. I'm blessed to have the name Chávez, which I honor and respect by being the best I can be."

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—Lisa Frick

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over 6 years ago

I am looking for PERFECT PLUS VOLUMIZING ELIXIR, a defining and thickening lotion for all hair types which I used years ago. Would like to know which product is it's equal now. Thanks.