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Francisco Dallmeier: 1953—: Biologist

Promoted Latino Science

Dallmeier has been appointed as the acting director of the Smithsonian Center for Latino Initiatives. The goal of this program is to advance knowledge and understanding of Latino contributions to the history, culture, and society of the United States. It has supported both educational and public programs, and works to integrate Latino participation and perspectives into various Smithsonian undertakings.

Dallmeier is an advisor to numerous national and international committees and organizations, and is coordinator for biodiversity of the International Union of Forestry Research Organizations (IUFRO). He is a member of numerous ecological organizations, including the Society of Conservation Biology, the Wildfowl Trust, the Venezuelan Association for the Advancement of Science, and the Venezuelan Association for the Study of Mammals.

Dallmeier is a certified open water diver and a pilot. He is also trained in computer programming and database management. He has studied various systems of management communication and is a member of the National Association of Neurolinguistic Programming and the Latin American Association for Transactional Analysis.

The SI/MAB website quoted Dallmeier as saying that he hoped MAB could "create more partnerships with industry to be able to create a biodiversity conservation model that works in many different scenarios." He added that he hopes to expand MAB's education and training programs to produce "biodiversity physicians" who will practice biodiversity conservation around the world. He declared, "In this century we will make the final decisions about how this sixth species extinction currently in progress will end. We will be making the choice of protecting Earth's richness and diversity for future generations. It is a tremendous responsibility."

Selected writings

As author

Biology, Conservation and Management of Water-fowl in Venezuela, Editorial Ex Libris, 1990.

(With A. Alonso) Working for Biodiversity, Smithsonian Institution/ Monitoring and Assessment of Biodiversity Program, 2000.

(With A. Alonso, E. Granek, and P. Raven) Biodiversity: Connecting with the Tapestry of Life, Smithsonian Institution/Monitoring and Assessment of Biodiversity Program, 2001.

As editor

Long Term Monitoring of Biological Diversity in Tropical Forest Areas: Methods for Establishment and Inventory of Permanent Plots, UNESCO, 1992.

(With J. A. Comiskey) Forest Biodiversity in North, Central, and South America, and the Caribbean: Research and Monitoring, Parthenon Publishing Group, 1998.

(With J. A. Comiskey) Forest Biodiversity Research, Monitoring and Modeling: Conceptual Background and Old World Case Studies, Parthenon Publishing Group, 1998.

(With A. Alonso) Biodiversity Assessment of the Lower Urubamba Region, Peru: Pagoreni Well Site, Assessment and Training, SI/MAB Series #3, Smithsonian Institution/Monitoring and Assessment of Biodiversity Program, 1999.

(With O. Herrera-MacBryde, B. MacBryde, J. A. Comiskey, and Carmen Miranda) Biodiversity Conservation and Management in the Region of the Beni Biological Station Biosphere Reserve, Bolivia, Smithsonian Institution/Monitoring and Assessment of Biodiversity Program, 2000.

(With D. C. Maciver) IPCC Workshop on Adaptation to Climate Variability and Change: Adaptive Management, Kluwer Academy Publisher, 2000.

(With Alfonso Alonso and Patrick Campbell) Urubamba: The Biodiversity of a Peruvian Rainforest, Smithsonian Institution, 2001.



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—Margaret Alic

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