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Francisco Dallmeier: 1953—: Biologist Biography - Trained In Wildlife Biology, Joined The Smithsonian Institution, Initiated New Approaches To Biodiversity Conservation, Headed The Camisea Project

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Francisco Dallmeier: 1953—: Biologist.

Dr. Francisco Dallmeier is one of the world's leading wildlife biologists and an expert on biological diversity. Dallmeier has devoted himself to integrating studies of biodiversity among species and natural resources with conservation and management programs that promote sustainable development. As director of the Smithsonian Institution's Monitoring and Assessment of Biodiversity Program (SI/MAB), he has coordinated efforts to educate people around the world on issues of conservation and the preservation of threatened species, while formulating strategies for sustainable use of natural resources in developing countries. As co-designer and trainer for the Smithsonian Environmental Leadership Course, Dallmeier has taught leadership, communication, and negotiation skills that can be used to promote biodiversity conservation.

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