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Richard A. Knaak (1961–) Biography

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(Richard Allen Knaak)


Surname pronounced "Nack"; born 1961, in Chicago, IL; Education: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, B.A. (rhetoric), 1984.


Agent—Peekner Literary Agency, 3418 Shelton Ave., Bethlehem, PA 18017.




Science Fiction Writers of America.



King of the Grey, Warner/Questar, 1993.

Frostwing, Warner/Questar (New York, NY), 1995.

The Janus Mask, Warner/Questar (New York, NY), 1995.

Dutchman, Warner (New York, NY), 1996.

Ruby Flames ("Shattered Light" series), Simon & Schuster (New York, NY), 1999.


The Legend of Huma ("Heroes" series), TSR (Renton, WA), 1988.

Kaz, the Minotaur ("Heroes" series), TSR (Renton, WA), 1990.

Land of the Minotaurs ("Lost Histories" series), TSR (Renton, WA), 1990.

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The Citadel ("Classics" series), Wizards Publishing (Renton, WA), 2000.

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Empire of Blood ("Minotaur Wars" series), Wizards of the Coast (Renton, WA), 2005.


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Legacy of Blood, Pocket Books (New York, NY), 2001.

The Kingdom of Shadow, Pocket Books (New York, NY), 2002.

Also author of Moon of the Spider.


Day of the Dragon, Pocket Books (New York, NY), 2001.

The Well of Eternity ("War of the Ancients" series), Pocket Books (New York, NY), 2004.

The Demon Soul ("War of the Ancients" series), Pocket Books (New York, NY), 2004.

The Sundering ("War of the Ancients" series), Pocket Books (New York, NY), 2005.


Eve of Apocalypse, Tokyopop (Los Angeles, CA), 2002.

Day of Reckoning, Tokyopop (Los Angeles, CA), 2002.

Night of Blood, Tokyopop (Los Angeles, CA), 2002.

Twilight of Terror, Tokyopop (Los Angeles, CA), 2003.

Midnight's Masters, Tokyopop (Los Angeles, CA), 2003.


Dragon Hunt (manga; "Warcraft: The Sunwell Trilogy" series), illustrated by Jae Hwan Kim, Tokyopop (Los Angeles, CA), 2005.

Author of short stories anthologized in Dragonlance Tales, Volumes 1-3, TSR, 1987; Dragonlance Tales II, Volumes 1-3, TSR, 1992; The Dragons of Krynn, TSR, 1994; Superheroes, Ace, 1995; History of Dragonlance, TSR, 1995; Dragons of Chaos, TSR, 1997; Relics and Omens, TSR, 1998; Heroes and Fools, TSR, 1999; Rebels and Tyrants, Wizards of the Coast, 2000; The Best of Tales, Wizards of the Coast, 2000; Leaves of the Inn II, Wizards of the Coast, 2001; Tales from the War of Souls, Wizards of the Coast, 2001; and The Traveling Players of Gilean, Wizards of the Coast, 2003.

Knaak's books have been translated into Czech, Danish, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish.


A prolific author, Richard A. Knaak specializes in the realms of both science fiction and fantasy as a contributor to the popular "Dragonlance" series of novels begun by Margaret Weis and Terry Hickman and based on a popular role-playing game originally produced by Washington-based company TSR. In addition to the "Dragonlance" books, which include story arcs such as "The Minotaur Wars" and "Chaos War," Knaak has also penned several standalone fantasy novels as well as the "Warcraft" novel series, based on a popular fantasy role-playing/computer game, has authored a number of short stories based in the "Dragonlance" world, and has more recently explored the manga format through both his work adapting the Korean manga series "Ragnarok" and his ongoing collaboration with illustrator Jae Hwan Set in the mythic world of Azeroth, Knaak's novel follows a mage named Rhonin as he is sent into an Orc stronghold, there to join with untrustworthy ancient allies in order to foil a devious plan that threatens all. (Cover illustration by Sam Didier.)Kim in adapting the "Warcraft" novel series into manga. Praising Knaak's novel Frostwing, about an immortal man who suddenly finds that dreams of a mysterious gargoyle are combining with a growing amnesia to destroy his identity, a Publishers Weekly contributor dubbed the book an "intriguing" modern-day fantasy.

The first manga volume in Knaak's "Warcraft: Sunwell Trilogy," Dragon Hunt takes place in the fantastical world of Azeroth, a peaceful human kingdom. Knaak first provides readers with the "Warcraft" backstory: Azeroth, a kingdom threatened by bloodthirsty orcs from another dimension, finds its safety compromised when its king, Arthas, decides to acquire an elvish artifact known as the Sunwell, which is known to attract dragons. He dispatches his servant, the evil elf Dar'Khan, to obtain the relic, and Dar'Khan orders a dwarf underling to complete the task. The dwarf and his band hunt down the blue dragon Kalec, hoping Kalec will lead them to the Sunwell; instead, Kalec shape-shifts into a young man and is joined by peasant girl Anveena in a quest to save the coveted talisman. Dragon Hunt is filled with "betrayal, magic and, of course, pages and pages of sword fights," according to a Publishers Weekly contributor, while George Galuschak wrote in Kliatt that Knaak serves up "a fast read with plenty of action" that, despite its complicated plot, likely "makes total sense to people who enjoy role-playing games."

"I began writing when I was young, after I realized that I didn't have the patience to learn to draw but could put a decent story together," Knaak once commented. "My imagination has always been a strong part of me. I started reading mysteries but soon discovered science fiction and fantasy; I've been hooked since.

"If there is any theme running through my work, it is that one should never give up. There is always hope. You are the one who generally determines your own success or failure. This represents my personal view as well as my own experience. Many writers hope to sell someday. I went out and found my first sale and things have moved smoothly since then. In a nutshell, your only limits are the ones you form in your own mind."

Biographical and Critical Sources


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