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Charles (Henri Diederick Höefsmit) de Lint (1951-)

Awards, Honors

William L. Crawford Award for best new fantasy author, International Association for the Fantastic in the Arts, 1984; Canadian SF/Fantasy Award ("Casper") Charles de Lint nominations, 1986, for Mulengro, and 1987, for Yarrow; Casper Award for best work in English, 1988, for Jack the Giant-Killer; Readercon Small Press Award for Best Short Work, 1989, for short story, "The Drowned Man's Reel"; Reality I Commendations, Best Fantasy Author Award, 1991; Best Books for the Teen Age list, New York Public Library, and CompuServe Science Fiction and Fantasy Forum Homer Award for Best Fantasy Novel, both 1992, both for The Little Country; Prix Ozone for Best Foreign Fantasy Short Story, 1997, for "Timeskip"; Best Books for Young Adults selection, American Library Association, 1998, for Trader; World Fantasy Award for best collection, 2000, for Moonlight and Vines.

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