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Kimberly A. McCormick (1960-)


Kimberly A. McCormick told SATA: "I like to say I first became interested in writing during my 'BC' days, Before Children and Before College! I was leisurely enjoying a copy of Women's Day magazine when I ran across a contest asking you to write about your 'favorite Christmas tradition.' With nothing else to do, I typed up my favorite tradition and, surprisingly, won an honorable mention award. Sadly to say, only the top five entries were published, and I didn't even make a copy of my entry before I mailed it! Nevertheless, this small bit of success inspired me to pursue my writing.

"My grandmother used to tell me that my writing talent was a gift from God. Because of this I try to write material which I believe is for the betterment of children. Most of my writing success has come in the area of education. I like to write plays, skits, and monologues that teachers can use to generate positive classroom discussions about lessons in life. A lot of what I write is inspired by my own two daughters, Kaycee and Nicolette.

"I have definitely learned the lesson of 'never giving up' through my writing. It takes hard work and determination to be a published author. I still have many goals for my writing career, one of which is to have a children's story book published. Hopefully, this dream will one day be fulfilled.

"Until that time, I enjoy all types of activities. I teach school, sing, and own a nail and tanning salon where I work part-time as a nail technician. I love to exercise, taking brisk walks as often as the weather permits, and spend as much time as possible with my husband and children. Finally, I will learn to play the piano before I turn fifty!

"No matter how long I have the privilege of living, I plan to learn new and different things. Education keeps my life interesting and exciting!"

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