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Chris(topher C.) Crutcher (1946-)

Awards, Honors

Best Books for Young Adults selection, American Library Association (ALA), 1983, for Running Loose, 1986, for Stotan!, 1987, for The Crazy Horse Electric Chris Crutcher Game, 1989, for Chinese Handcuffs, 1991, for Athletic Shorts: Six Short Stories, 1993, for Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes, 1995, for Ironman, and 2001, for Whale Talk; Best Young Adult Book of 1992, Michigan Library Association, for Athletic Shorts; Assembly on Literature for Adolescents Award, National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE), 1993, for Significant Contribution to Adolescent Literature; National Intellectual Freedom Award, NCTE, 1998; Margaret A. Edwards Award, ALA, for lifetime achievement in writing for teenagers, 2000; Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association and Washington State Book awards, 2002, for Whale Talk.

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