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W(illiam) D(empsey) Valgardson (1939-)

Awards, Honors

International scholarship to Writer's Workshop, University of Iowa, 1968; Canada Council grant, summer, 1968; President's Medal for Short Fiction, University of Western Ontario, 1971, for "Bloodflowers"; Bread Loaf scholarship, 1972; first prize, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) Annual Short Story Competition, 1980, for "A Matter of Balance"; Books in Canada First Novel Award, 1981, for Gentle Sinners; Golden Sheaf Award, Yorkton Short Film and Video Festival, Chris Statuette, Columbus International Film Festival, and Ohio State Award, Institute for Education by Radio-Television, all for The Catch; Silver Medal, Canadian Authors Association, 1984, for Granite Point; guest of the government of Iceland in recognition of body of work, 1986; Marjorie Ward Lecturer, St. John's College, University of Manitoba, 1987; guest of the government of Ukraine in recognition of translated work, 1988; first place in drama, CBC Annual Competition, 1988, for Seiche; Canadian cultural representative, Canada Days, Reykjavik, Iceland, 1989; Ethel Wilson Prize in Literature, 1992, for The Girl with the Botticelli Face; Litt.D., University of Winnipeg, 1995; Mr. Christie Award for best book of the year for children under seven, 1995, and shortlist for Stories of Distinction, Hungry Mind Review, 1996, both for Thor; shortlist, Ruth Schwartz Award, Sheila A. Egoff Children's Literature Prize, Silver Birch Award, and Red Cedar Award, all 1998, all for Sarah and the People of Sand River; shortlist, Red Cedar Award, Silver Birch Award, and Tiny Torgi Award, all 1999, for Garbage Creek and Other Stories; Vickey Metcalf Award, Canadian Authors Association, 1999, for "The Chicken Lady"; shortlist, Governor General's Medal, Canada Council, 1999, for The Divorced Kids Club and Other Stories.

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