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Hamish Vigne Christie (Korky Paul) Paul (1951-)

Awards, Honors

Children's Book Award, Federation of Children's Book Groups, overall winner, 1987, for Winnie the Witch, picture book winner, 1994, for The Rascally Cake, and shortlist, 1997, for Winnie in Winter; shortlist, Kate Greenaway Award, 1989, for Captain Teachum's Buried Treasure, 1992, for The Dog That Dug, and 1997, for The Duck That Had No Luck; Prix Octogone, 1992, for The Dog That Dug, and 1995, for The Monster Book of Horrible Horrors; Sheffield Children's Book Award, overall winner, 1993, for The Dog That Dug, and highly commended citation, 1995, for The Rascally Cake; Gateshead Gold Award, Gateshead Libraries and Arts, 1995, for The Cat That Scratched; Golden Hippo Award, overall winner, 1996, for Winnie the Witch; Prix de la Madeleines, École Edmond Rostand, 1997, for Winnie the Witch.

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