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Kathiann M. Kowalski (1955-)


Kathiann M. Kowalski once remarked, "The challenge of writing nonfiction is to both entertain and inform. To do that, I must learn all I can about a topic and find the fun and excitement within a subject.

"In-depth research is work, but it's also great fun. Besides reading secondary sources, I delve into primary resources, such as historical materials and original studies. Interviews with experts round out my research and provide important insights.

"Once I am both knowledgeable and excited about a topic, it's time to write. I draw upon my creative writing skills to make subjects come alive. Besides sharing facts and data, I add drama with true-life anecdotes, specific details, and hard-hitting quotations.

"Once I have a draft, I edit and revise until the manuscript is ready to go to the publisher. Even after all that hard work, editors raise more questions and suggest changes. I use that constructive criticism to revise the manuscript yet again—and again if necessary. The goal is to make the book or article as good as it can be for its intended audience.

"Yes, writing requires discipline and determination. It is a highly creative craft, but it is also hard work. But I learn a lot in the process, and I enjoy writing. When young people can enjoy and learn from my writing, I feel really glad."

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