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Allan (Stuart) Baillie (1943-)

Awards, Honors

Captain Cook Literature Award, 1970, for short story "Chuck's Town"; Warana Short Story Award, 1973, for "Empty House"; Kathleen Fidler Award, National Book Allan Baillie League, 1982, for The Pirate's Last Voyage (published as Adrift); Arts Council Special Purpose Grants, 1983, for Riverman, and 1984, for Eagle Island; Book of the Year Highly Commended citation, Children's Book Council of Australia (CBCA), 1986, for Little Brother; Arts Council Fellowship, 1988, for The China Coin; International Board on Books for Young People Honour Diploma, 1988, for Riverman; Picture Book of the Year, CBCA, 1989, for Drac and the Gremlin, illustrated by Jane Tanner; Peace and Friendship Prize for Children's Literature of the World, Children's Literary Monthly (Beijing, China), 1990, for "The Sorcerers"; Multicultural Children's Book Award, 1992, for The China Coin; Alan Marshall Prize for Children's Literature, Diabetes Australia, for Songman.

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