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Roy A(ubrey) K(elvin) Heath Biography

Roy A.k. Heath Comments:

A Man Come Home relates the story of a large working-class Guyanese family whose mores provide a striking contrast to those of their middle-class brethren. From the Heat of the Day and One Generation are the first two parts of a trilogy treating the condition of the middle classes in Guyana in the 20th century. Genetha completes the trilogy and shows the heroine faced with the choice of joining the Catholic church, returning to a life of prostitution, or living with her aunts in a stifling middle-class atmosphere. Kwaku is the tale of a trickster figure. Orealla, the unseen haven for the main character in the novel of that title, is real, yet imagined.

I see myself as a chronicler of Guyanese life in this century.

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