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Betty (Carter) Brock (1923-2003) Biography

OBITUARY NOTICE—See index for SATA sketch: Born August 31, 1923, in Biltmore, NC; died December 4, 2003, in Lake Forest, IL. Author. Brock was a popular children's author best known for her 1970 book, No Flying in the House. After attending the University of North Carolina and George Washington University, she left formal education behind to marry and raise a family. During her lifetime, she became enamored by Japanese culture and built a large library of Japanese publications that she donated to Georgetown University in 2001. She was also a cofounder of the Mount Vernon Genealogical Society. However, to children she was best remembered for her 1970s books No Flying in the House and The Shades (1971). Brock never published more than these two books, but they have remained popular for decades, and in 1995 No Flying was adapted as a stage play performed in Chicago by the Life-line Theater.



Washington Post, December 27, 2003, p. B4.

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