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Arthur C. Martinez: 1939—: Businessman Biography

Learned Value Of Money From Parents, Gained Corporate Experience, Revamped Sears, Found The Softer Side Of Sears

Arthur C. Martinez: 1939—: Businessman.

Arthur C. Martinez is a businessman who is best known as the person who saved Sears, Roebuck, and Company (Co.). Prior to joining Sears Martinez worked for several companies, including RCA Records. He entered the retail business in 1980 when he became the chief financial officer for Saks Fifth Avenue. In 1992 Martinez became the head of the Sears Merchandise Group and three years later he became the chief executive officer of Sears, Roe-buck, and Company. During his eight year tenure at Sears, Martinez initiated a major overhaul of the company's operations and made the company profitable again. He is best known for changing the company's marketing strategy to focus on women as well as men. Martinez retired in 2000, although he continues to serve on the boards of directors for several businesses.

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