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Pedro Infante: 1917-1957: Actor, Singer Biography

Came From Talented Family, Became The Common Man's Star, His Death Mourned, His Legacy Launched

During his career Mexican screen idol Pedro Infante made more than 50 films and recorded hundreds of popular songs. His adoring fans nicknamed him the 'Idol of Guamuchil,' after the village he was born in, as well as the 'the King.' Though he made millions as an actor, rode an American Harley Davidson, and flew airplanes, to the Mexican public he always remained the kind-hearted carpenter from the pueblo. "Infante was a symbol of someone who had worked himself up from nothing," noted Fiesta Del Mariachi. Women wanted to marry him. Men wanted to befriend him. Children worshipped him. When he died at the age of 39, all of Mexico mourned. On the 25th anniversary of his death, they were still mourning as 10,000 people made the pilgrimage to his Mexico City gravesite. The Cine Mexicano website noted, "As the new century begins, Pedro Infante continues to be the most important figure of our cinema. It is hoped that 'the King' will continue to reign for many more years."

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