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Donna De Varona: 1947—: Olympic Swimmer, Sportscaster, Activist Biography

Won Two Gold Medals Before Twenty, Became A Reporter And Activist, Clashed With Abc, Controversy Over Title Ix

Donna de Varona: 1947—: Olympic swimmer, sportscaster, activist.

Olympic swimmer Donna de Varona has had a rich and varied career. She won two gold medals in the 1964 Olympics, and was one of the first women hired as a sports reporter for a major television network. A dedicated activist on behalf of women in sports, de Varona helped found the Women's Sports Foundation and has testified before Congress on issues related to women in sports. She has held advisory positions to five U.S. presidents since 1966.

Donna de Varona was born in April of 1947 in San Diego, California. Her father, David de Varona, was a Hall-of-Fame rower and an All-American football player for the University of California. As her first swimming coach, he encouraged de Varona to develop her swimming ability, and made sure that she attended meets. De Varona's mother, Martha, was also warm and supportive of her interests.

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