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Lynda Carter: 1951—: Actress Biography

Won Miss Usa, Became Wonder Woman, Life After Wonder Woman Career, Late Career Plagued By Bank Scandal

Lynda Carter: 1951—: Actress.

Lynda Carter became famous in the 1970s for her starring role in the television series Wonder Woman. The five-foot-nine-inch Carter won thousands of fans as the super-powered Wonder Woman, dressed in her shiny red boots, star-spangled hot pants, golden breastplate, headband, and bracelets, completed with a golden lasso that, when wrapped around evildoers, forced them to tell the truth. The three-year series was her biggest break and her most difficult burden. In the years that followed, Carter struggled for public and critical acceptance as a talented actress, dancer, and singer. She had a productive career as a regular in made-for-television movies, as well as successfully staging variety shows both in Las Vegas and on television.

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