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Lisa (Trutkoff) Trumbauer (1963-)


Lisa Trumbauer told SATA: "I was quite the goofball as a kid. My friends and I had a clubhouse, and we wrote tons of secret codes, always hoping for adventures that never really happened. Thank goodness for books! I became a huge bookworm, and I filled countless notebooks with diaries, stories, and poems. One of those poems was published in Seventeen magazine when I was in high school. At the University of Maryland, I studied education and journalism. I also wrote for the school newspaper, The Diamondback. After college, I combined my education and journalism experiences to work as an editor for educational publishers. Soon I began writing as well as editing. Now I write all the time, both fiction and nonfiction books for kids. In between projects, I love to travel and go to baseball games to see the Baltimore Orioles. I live in New Jersey with my husband, Dave, and our 'dysfunctional pet family:' a dog named Blue and two cats named Cosmo and Cleo."

Biographical and Critical Sources


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