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Rebecca Lobo: 1973—: Basketball Player Biography

Balanced Academics And Athletics, Became Standout Player At Connecticut, Popularity Helped Wnba

Rebecca Lobo: 1973—: Basketball player.

Rebecca Lobo emerged as one of the biggest stars of the fledgling Women's National Basketball Association (WNBA) in 1997, when she was drafted by the New York Liberty. Already a media sensation from her days as a leading force behind the University of Connecticut women's basketball team's NCAA championship in 1995, Lobo's high visibility helped the new league get off to a promising start. Sidelined for two seasons with an injury to her anterior cruciate ligament in her left knee that she sustained in the first game of the 1999 season, Lobo underwent a lengthy rehabilitation process that renewed her appreciation for the sport. "My goals have gone from being an all-star to just being able to play basketball," she told Sports Illustrated for Women in January of 2001, "I always took for granted that I could play. Now I know what a gift it is." Such dedication and thoughtfulness, even in the face of adversity, made Lobo into one of the WNBA's most popular players. Her image as a skilled competitor on the court and a well rounded personality off the court were credited with raising the profile of the WNBA and women's professional sports in general.

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