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Julio Iglesias: 1943—: Singer Biography

Car Accident Changed Career, Popularized More Romantic Musical Style, Named Goodwill Ambassador To Unicef

Julio Iglesias: 1943—: Singer.

Since the late 1960s, singer Julio Iglesias has established himself as an international star and sex symbol. By 1983 he had sold over 100 million records, setting a Guinness World Record, and by 2002 that figure had risen to more than 200 million. "There's an oddly appealing mix of pride and modesty about Julio Iglesias," wrote Andrew Paxman in Variety. "One moment he'll tell you that his career is entirely built on luck. … The next moment he'll tell you he's the greatest Latin singer in history—and then flash you a self-mocking smile." During his long career, Iglesias has released more than 75 albums and performed at nearly five thousand concerts. Iglesias told Leila Cobo of the Knight Ridder/Tribune News Service, "After two or three generations, you can't fool an audience. I'm still alive. At this point, to artistically kill me, you would have to physically kill me."

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