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Julio Iglesias: 1943—: Singer

Named Goodwill Ambassador To Unicef

In 1987 Iglesias won a Grammy for Un Hombre Solo, and in 1989 he was named goodwill ambassador to the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF). On 1992's Colar, Iglesias sang different versions of the songs in German, Italian, French, and Portuguese for separate releases. "It's so complicated to go into the studio to do an album and then do it in different languages," he told John Lannert in Billboard. His 1994 album, Crazy, included duets with Dolly Parton and Sting, and sold three million copies worldwide. Burr noted of 2000's Noche de Cuatro Lunas, "The CD has the usual Iglesias earmarks—superb musicianship, gorgeous melodies and soothing emotive vocals."

Iglesias remains an international star, with each new album selling at least two million copies. "I think I am what I am because I don't want to lose my audience," Iglesias told Cobo. "I'm in love with them." He lives a lavish lifestyle that includes $700-a-day hotel rooms, $900 Magnum bottles of champagne, and a five-million-dollar residence in Miami. Despite his success, he maintains an active touring schedule and laughs when interviewers ask him if he is a sex symbol. "Not when I look in the mirror in the morning," he told Clarke. "But my goal is to make people dream. When they see me onstage, their fantasy of me and the reality meet. I seduce them. But first I must seduce me."

Selected discography

A Flor de Piel, Sony, 1974.

Hey!, Columbia, 1980.

1100 Bel Air Place, Columbia, 1984.

Un Hombre Solo, Sony, 1989.

A Mis 33 Anos, Sony, 1989.

Calor, Sony Discos, 1992.

Crazy, Columbia, 1994.

Tango, Columbia, 1996.

Noche de Cuatro Lunas, Sony, 2000.



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—Ronnie D. Lankford, Jr.

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