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Anthony Nomar Garciaparra: 1973—: Baseball Shortstop

Remained Humble

With all this success and prestige coming upon him, it would be easy to believe that it was all going to Garciaparra's head. But everyone who has interviewed the young shortstop has said that he is well grounded. According to Sports Illustrated, Garciaparra "of the Boston Red Sox catches grounders with two hands, is as comfortable hitting balls behind runners as he is hitting them out of the park, refuses to talk about his gaudy statistics, curls the brim of his cap like a Little Leaguer and, in the rare instances when he thinks his ego might be sprouting like a weed from a sidewalk crack, calls his mother, Sylvia, and humbly groans, 'Mom, I need to come home and take out the trash.'" As of 2003, he lived in Boston. Despite all his success Garciaparra continues to aim for a World Series win. And it is to be hoped that someone as passionate about the game as Nomar Garciaparra will have his wish come true.



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—Catherine Victoria Donaldson

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