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Mary Joe Fernández: 1971—: Tennis Player, Television Sports Analyst Biography

Displayed An Early Interest In Tennis, Balanced School And Tennis, Became Full-time Tennis Professional

Mary Joe Fernández: 1971—: Tennis player, television sports analyst.

Mary Joe Fernández is an American Olympic tennis champion who has won two gold medals for doubles competition and a bronze medal for singles competition. She was a tennis sensation at the age of 13 and she turned professional at the age of 14. She was the youngest ever women's tennis player to win a match at the United States Open and the youngest player to reach the fourth round of a tournament. Throughout her career Fernández won seven singles titles and eight doubles titles, including two Grand Slam doubles titles. Fernández gained notoriety for becoming one of the few young tennis stars to stay in school and balance her tennis career with other healthy teenage activities. While Fernández no longer plays on the Women's Tennis Association tour, she still plays World Team Tennis and exhibition tennis and she works as a sports analyst for ESPN. Fernández is also involved in numerous charities.

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