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Evelyn Cisneros: 1959—: Ballerina Biography

Began Dancing To Overcome Shyness, Debuted With The San Francisco Ballet, Improved Reputation While Adapting To Change

Evelyn Cisneros: 1959—: Ballerina.

For nearly a quarter of a century, Evelyn Cisneros captivated audiences as the prima ballerina of the prestigious San Francisco Ballet. She gained worldwide acclaim for her dancing which was both dramatically expressive and technically precise. Choreographers clamored to create dances for her. Partners were eager to share the stage with her. Critics were adoring. Fans entranced. Manuel Flores, director of the New Mexico Ballet Theatre told the Albuquerque Journal, "she is a symbol of what a ballerina should be." Her skill combined with her ethereal beauty and onstage charisma propelled her into the ranks of ballet stardom, however she was as famous for her generosity and approachability as she was for her talent. Throughout her busy career she dedicated herself to helping others, from fellow dancers to teenaged girls to people ill with AIDS. Along the way she has become a role model for Hispanics. "Because I am Mexican, I am glad to be a role model to children," she told the Albuquerque Journal. "Just seeing someone who has the same color skin inspires them to a higher level of excellence." It is just such excellence that has been the hallmark of Cisneros's distinguished career.

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