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Claribel Joy Alegría: 1924—: Poet, Novelist Biography

Learned Of Political Unrest Early, Studied Poetry With Jiménez, Gave Testimony To A Life

Claribel Joy Alegría: 1924—: Poet, novelist.

One of the most poignant poets on the subjects of oppression and injustice in the Hispanic world, Claribel Joy Alegría has used her place in the world of literature to speak out against numerous countries and leaders who have misused their power to keep the citizens of Hispanic countries impoverished. Much of her poetry is influenced by the life she has lived, an exile before the age of one, Alegría has faced death threats, been barred from home and family due to her beliefs, and has traveled the world over seeing the ways in which the systems of government and culture can be sculpted to bring about change.

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