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Jorge Ramos: 1958—: Journalist, Author

Immediate Stardom

Ramos's evening telecast earned him huge audiences in 13 Latin American countries. Co-anchoring with Maria Elena Salinas, he delivered Latino-centered stories to an average 1,057,000 viewers each evening. Ramos's die-hard fans in the 18 to 49 age range assure him ten times the audience commanded by CNN's Moneyline Newshour, but not the salary commensurate with his popularity and influence. Nonetheless, Ramos has earned industry recognition. He was a guest presenter at the millennium Emmys in the technical category, and garnered seven local Emmy awards for quality journalism and news production, including a 2000 news focus on Noticiero 47 and a 2001 newscast entitled "Fire In Edgewater."

Ramos's shared language and Hispanic background do not ensure his acceptance with all Latinos. Miami's Cuban-Americans, for example, question his disdain for Castro, and Ramos meticulously combed his coverage of the Elián Gonzalez debacle for criticism of Cubans. When a Latina magazine wanted to cast him as a "Papi Chulo," he chose professionalism over indulgence in trivial ego displays. In his view, writing stories about immigrants, undocumented labor, and bigotry was more important than posing as a sex symbol. To lessen cultural differences, enhance his objectivity, and make himself welcome to Latinos of all stripes, Ramos and co-anchor Salinas have developed a neutral Spanish accent.

In addition to delivering news to 35 million Hispanics, Ramos broadcasts daily over Caracol Radio, a Colombian media group of 238 stations with interests in the United States, Latin America, and France. In his broadcasts, Ramos focuses on the news stories of the Western Hemisphere. While his network competitors cover the major happenings from Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, Ramos provides a faithful audience with news from Cuba, Mexico, Peru, and Venezuela. He also supplies a weekly column to more than 35 newspapers throughout the Western Hemisphere.

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