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Anthony Munoz: 1958—: Former Professional Football Player

Retired From The Nfl

Munoz retired from the NFL in 1992. During his 12 years with the Bengals, he was selected as an All-Pro offensive lineman 11 times. In April of 1994 Munoz signed on with the Fox television network to be an NFL game analyst. His previous experience in broadcasting had involved working as a guest analyst for the TNT network's "Stadium Show." He had also appeared twice as a game analyst for the CBS network's NFL coverage in 1993.

Munoz was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1998, and was named Offensive Lineman of the Year six times during his 13-year career. In 2000 he was named to the NFL's All-Time Team by the 36 Pro Football Hall of Fame voters. In 2000 Munoz became a spokesperson for Provident Bank, signing a five-year deal with the company. Cincinnati Bengals' coach Sam Wyche summed up Munoz's life and work in Sports Illustrated, "All of us try to set examples until something goes wrong, and then we reveal our true selves. Anthony's real self is the one the rest of us try to be."



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—Kelly Winters

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