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Dolores Huerta: 1930—: Labor Union Leader Biography

Initial Career As Teacher, Founded Community Service Organization, United Farm Workers Union Founder, Political And Social Activism

Dolores Huerta: 1930—: Labor union leader.

One of the most influential labor leaders of the twentieth century, Dolores Huerta's accomplishments include economic, social, and political gains for workers across the United States. While her most significant achievements have been made through the United Farm Workers (UFW) union, which she helped to establish in 1966, Huerta has also worked as a lobbyist for proworker legislation in Sacramento, California and Washington, D.C. She has also earned a place as a respected feminist spokesperson and role model to two generations of activists. Even after her retirement from day-to-day management of the UFW, Huerta continues to serve as its vice-president emeritus while promoting the union's agenda in legislative chambers and media outlets around the country.

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