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Dara Torres: 1967—: Olympic Swimmer, Model, TV Reporter and Announcer Biography

From Hyperactivity To Competition, From Champion To Olympian, Training Again At 33, Beat The Odds

Dara Torres: 1967—: Olympic swimmer, model, TV reporter and announcer.

Resilient Olympic sprinter Dara Torres brought home gold, silver, and bronze medals in swimming in 1984, 1988, and 1992 before entering a voluntary seven-year retirement. After defeating bulimia, which hampered her stamina, she began a career in modeling and TV sports commentary. At age 32, she returned to athletic fitness by following an intense regimen of work-outs, diet, and treatment for chronic asthma. She re-entered Olympic competition and won five more medals—three bronze and two gold. Her career total reached four bronze, one silver, and three gold Olympic medals.

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