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Grace Napolitano: 1936—: Politician, Business Executive Biography

Grassroots Beginning In Politics, Spirited U. S. Congresswoman, Campaigned For Health And The Environment

Grace Napolitano: 1936—: Politician, business executive.

A political force from urban Southern California, Grace Flores Napolitano has made an impact on U. S. congressional legislation affecting water and soil clean-up, teen suicide prevention, worker training, and the protection of small businesses and jobs for minorities. A retired business executive and concerned parent and citizen, she acquired inside information on national, state, and local Latino and workers' problems from experience at the local level. From Norwalk city councilwoman to mayor and three-term state legislator, in 1998, she worked her way up to two consecutive terms in the U. S. House of Representatives and mounted a strong advocacy for families, health, and the environment.

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