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Grace Napolitano: 1936—: Politician, Business Executive

Spirited U. S. Congresswoman

Napolitano's election to the 106th U. S. Congress from the 34th California district coincided with a national political shift that brought four other Latinas into the U. S. Congress. Her success derived in part from a trend toward Hispanic prominence in politicial leadership. For instance, there was a rapid rise of 30.1% Latinas in the nation's elective offices as compared to only 17.2% of white women. In November of 1998, before she took the oath of office, she plunged into a prickly issues forum weighing the effectiveness of unilateral U.S. trade sanctions.

During her first term in a federal office, Napolitano demonstrated the intelligence and courage of a seasoned politician. She accepted appointments to the small business and resources commissions, chaired the women's caucus, and served as vice-chair of the Latino caucus. In addition, she became an ardent spokes-woman for Armenians, Greeks, Native Americans, and the business-oriented New Democrat Coalition, a centrist thinktank promoting mainstream and bipartisan action on national problems.

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