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Enrique Iglesias: 1975—: Singer, Songwriter

Rumors Persisted

Despite his spectacular popularity, Iglesias faced continuing rumors and controversies. Reporters continually asked about Iglesias's relationship with his father, sometimes implying friction between the two men. In addition, some observers questioned the extent of Iglesias's talent.

In June of 2000 radio show host Howard Stern, whose controversial style has earned him the epithet of "shock jock," suggested on the air that Iglesias could not sing after listening to a tape of Iglesias singing off-key. Although Iglesias said that he was probably just fooling around, he nevertheless booked himself on the Howard Stern's show to dispel the rumors.

On the show, Iglesias performed acoustic versions of two songs, "Rhythm Divine" and "Be With You, " prompting everyone in the studio to applaud, according to the transcript posted on enrique-online.com. The singer also responded to questions from the host about his relationship with his father, describing it as one of "healthy competition" rather than rancor. At the end of Iglesias's performance, Stern declared, "You can sing."

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