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Enrique Iglesias: 1975—: Singer, Songwriter

Dubbed Sexiest Man Alive

Like his father, Iglesias attracted throngs of adoring female fans. "He has the same appeal his father has, but to a younger audience," Tony Campos, an executive with Miami's radio station WAMR, said in People Weekly. "He stands onstage, and the girls go crazy."

The Spanish language edition of People Weekly dubbed Enrique Iglesias the "Sexiest Man Alive" in 1998. Two years later, Vogue awarded him its "Most Fashionable Artist, Male" award as a result of "his innate coolness rather than any interest in being a clotheshorse." Although repeatedly described as a "heartthrob, " the singer, himself, has eschewed the ethnic stereotyping of the "Latin lover" label. "The word 'lover' I just think is corny, " Iglesias told rolling-stone.com.

Still, female fans clearly viewed him as a pop idol, showering him with roses, stuffed animals, jewelry, cologne, and phone numbers. During one promotional appearance in Toronto mentioned in enriqueonline.com, a teenaged girl bit a security guard's hand. In the United States, fans reportedly mobbed the singer during a Tonight Show taping. "They actually can pull very hard, " he told Rolling Stone. "One pulls one way, the other pulls another way, another pulls the other way. " But Iglesias, who repeatedly described his female fans as "great" seemed unfazed. When asked by Rolling Stone if he ever got frightened, he replied, "Nah. Give me a break. What are they gonna do?"

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