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Patrick Flores: 1929—: Roman Catholic Archbishop Biography

Mexican-american Roots, From Bishop To Archbishop, Ministered To The Oppressed, Rewards For Character And Trust In Parishioners

Patrick Flores: 1929—: Roman Catholic archbishop.

A respected minister and peacemaker, Archbishop Patrick F. Flores has helped and inspired many people as he rose through the ranks in the Roman Catholic church. His openness to other faiths has put him on a platform alongside Protestant minister Dr. Billy Graham and Lutheran officials mending the hurt caused by the Reformation. Without arousing rancor, Flores stood at the forefront of a move to encourage doctrinal unity among theology professors at Catholic colleges in Texas. Evidencing Flores's abilities as a counselor and minister to the oppressed is his skill on a one-to-one basis that helped him end a hostage situation at his own office.

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