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Patrick Flores: 1929—: Roman Catholic Archbishop

Rewards For Character And Trust In Parishioners

Another test of Flores's commitment occurred in 2001 during a renewed campaign to assure that theology teachers at the seven Catholic institutions of higher learning in his archdiocese remained true to the faith. He proposed a loyalty oath affirming intent to teach authentic Catholic doctrine. Typical of Flores's open-mindedness was his presentation of the controversial document. He asked each teacher to make a formal promise, but declined to expel those who refused to sign the oath. Instead, he predicted to doubters that nearly all staff members would follow church teachings. Rich Heffern, writing for National Catholic Reporter, disclosed the archbishop's logic: "It's simply a profession of faith, and we make a profession of faith every time we say the Creed at Mass."

Describing his archdiocese, Flores told reporters from the San Antonio Express that the city "has the greatest ecumenical spirit I've found anywhere. When I'm with non-Catholic ministers and rabbis, I feel at home with them and they feel at home with me." His numerous outreaches to diverse nationalities and cultures have earned him accolades, in particular for broadcasting Sunday mass from the Cathedral of San Fernando across the Southwest to English- and Spanish-speaking worshippers. In 1995 he won the San Antonio Council of Churches' Distinguished Churchman Award. In addition he received several honorary doctorates and the American Jewish Committee's Human Relations Award. Some church officials have proposed Flores for the position of cardinal, even election to the papacy, a supposition that he humbly disregards as more work than he bargained for.



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—Mary Ellen Snodgrass

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