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Jerry B(ruce) Jenkins (1949)


WMBI-FM-AM-Radio, Chicago, IL, night news editor, 1967-68; Day Publications, Mt. Prospect, IL, assistant sports editor, 1968-69; Des Plaines Publishing Co., Des Plaines, IL, sports editor, 1969-71; Tri-City Herald, Kennewick, WA, sportswriter, 1971; Scripture Press Publications, Wheaton, IL, associate editor, 1971-72, managing editor, 1972-73; Inspirational Radio-Television Guide, Chicago, IL, executive editor, 1973-74; Moody Monthly (magazine), Chicago, managing editor, 1974-75, editor, 1975-81, director, 1978-81; Moody Press, Chicago, director, 1981-83; Moody Bible Institute, Chicago, manager of Publishing Division, 1983-85, vice president of Publishing Branch, 1985-88, writer-in-residence, 1988—. Jenkins Entertainment (a Los Angeles, CA-based filmmaking company), owner; Christian Writers Guild, owner. Visiting lecturer in advanced journalism, Wheaton Graduate School, 1975.

Jerry B. Jenkins

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