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Michelle McKinney Hammond

Became Relationship Expert

Following on the success of What to Do until Love Finds You, over the next ten years McKinney Hammond penned twenty books dealing with a Christian understanding of singleness. Although she affirms that single women must "get a life," she does not negate the value of the marriage relationship or leave finding the right man to pure happenstance. Many of her titles—including Secrets of an Irresistible Woman (1998), The Power of Femininity (1999), If Men Are Like Buses, Then How Do I Catch One? (2000), 101 Ways to Get and Keep His Attention (2003), The Power of Being a Woman: Embracing the Triumph of the Feminine Spirit (2004), and Ending the Search for Mr. Right: How to Be Found by the Man You've Been Looking For (2005)—give practical advice on how to attract a desirable mate.

Although McKinney Hammond's teaching on how to break the cycle of unhealthy relationships and develop into a single woman that men find attractive has earned her thousands of loyal followers and high praise, her approach is not without detractors. Some critics find her advice highly suspect, such as her admonition to women to remember their role as followers and to allow the man to lead in the relationship. Likewise, her practical advice that women must pay more attention to men's basic needs, such as providing a clean, cozy home and home-cooked meals, and attend carefully to how they look and smell, garnered criticism on some fronts. Despite her critics, McKinney Hammond has many faithful readers who find her down-to-earth, girlfriend-in-your-living-room writing style refreshing and inspiring.

With the success of her books, McKinney Hammond became a sought-after relationship expert, and as a result she created HeartWing Ministries to promote and coordinate her writing and speaking obligations. She travels the country teaching at women's conferences, seminars, churches, and universities, co-hosts the Emmy-nominated Christian television talk show Aspiring Women, and regularly appears on other Christian television shows. She also does voice-overs for television and radio commercials. In early 2005, McKinney Hammond, who once aspired to a professional music career, was finishing up her first CD, It's Amazing, produced by Inner Light Records.

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