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Westina Matthews Shatteen Biography

Developed Early Desire To Teach, Learned Leadership And Faith From Strong Mentors, Built Scholarship Program For Underprivileged Children


Corporate executive

Westina Matthews Shatteen's rise to the upper echelons of corporate leadership was unusual. "It has been a surprising journey because I started out as a classroom teacher," she told The Network Journal. Yet, that is not to say she has not fulfilled her early career aspirations. From a deeply spiritual background, Matthews was drawn to teaching as a way to give back to society. When she made the leap to big business, she only changed job titles, not her personal goals. As a key player in the philanthropic wing of financial powerhouse Merrill Lynch, Dr. Matthews, as she is professionally known, has helped hundreds of children go to college, sponsored countless community initiatives, and created mentoring programs for young women of color. As she told The Network Journal, "The one common thread throughout my career has been my commitment to helping others."

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