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Jean Grae Biography

Raised From Musical Roots, Forged Career Of Cameos, Found Limited Recognition, Maximum Frustration, Poised To Become Future Rap StarSelected discography



Grae, Jean, photograph. Getty Images.

From the moment she picked up the microphone in the early 1990s, hip-hop aficionados have proclaimed the genius of Jean Grae. Her in-your-face raps were fueled by literary lyrics and visceral imagery. Her rise to stardom seemed assured, but the limelight eluded her. Despite putting out several acclaimed albums and earning the respect of the most-respected of her rapping peers, Grae was still waiting for major success a decade into her career.


Attack of the Attacking Things, Third Earth, 2002.

The Bootleg of the Bootleg, Babygrande, 2003.

This Week, Babygrande/Orchestral, 2004.



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—Candace LaBalle

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