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Reggie Fowler

Black Coaches Voted Their Approval

Some media pundits raised questions about whether or not Fowler could actually afford to buy the Vikings. NFL ownership rules specify that the majority owner must put up 30 percent of the purchase price from his own holdings, but Fowler deflected questions about his net worth at the earlier press conference by reminding reporters that "Mr. McCombs is a very astute businessman," the Saint Paul Pioneer Press's Jensen quoted him as saying. "I don't think we would be sitting here together if we didn't have the ability to come up with that 30 percent."

Fowler faced more serious tests on his quest to become the Vikings' newest owner. He had to meet with the NFL finance committee in March, and answer detailed questions about his net worth and company holdings; then, 32 other NFL team owners had to vote their approval for the transfer. In early May of 2005, however, Fowler withdrew his ownership bid, acknowledging that he could not provide adequate proof of his financial stake in the ownership group. Fowler held out the possibility that he might be a limited partner in an ownership group, which might help him avoid the possibility of losing his $20 million deposit if the deal collapses. Sports sociologist Harry Edwards told the Mercury News This is not a race issue or double standard. These [financial issues] should have been uncovered and dealt with before he was introduced. There was tremendous hope in Fowler. The NFL wants to get past this historic discrepancy, but hope is a very, very poor strategy.



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—Carol Brennan

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