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Albert Black Biography

Encouraged Early To Get An Education, Success In High School Led To College, Became Interested In Sociology


Sociologist, principal lecturer

Albert Black's parents taught him about hard work and responsibility when he was very young, and he took their lessons to heart. He not only worked throughout his childhood to help support his family, but he worked persistently to gain a higher education when it often seemed impossible that he would succeed. When he finally did earn his doctorate and become a university lecturer, he took his responsibilities as a teacher very seriously. He has consistently placed more value on being an attentive and caring teacher than on advancing his career, and in addition has taken on the responsibility of making the academic journey less difficult for African-American students at all levels. In university classes with names like "Race Relations" and "Afro-American Political Thought," Black has explored social issues which have often been overlooked or avoided within largely white institutions. Outside of class, he has taught sociology in a different way, working in the community and in public schools to help solve the problems that often prevent poor students and students of color from doing well in school.

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