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Frances Y. Evan (1951–) Biography

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Born 1951, in Walthamstow, Stow, England; Education: Attended Central Connecticut State College; Kree Institute of Electrolysis, diploma, 1986. Politics: "Independent." Religion: Protestant.


Church school teacher, 1977–93; freelance electrologist; Norwalk Seaport Association, Norwalk, CT, education coordinator, 1989–2004; Staples High School, Westport, CT, social studies and math department paraprofessional, 2003–; writer.


The Forgotten Flag: Revolutionary Struggle in Connecticut, White Mane Kids (Shippensburg, PA), 2003.

Work in Progress

St. Katharine's Dock; Curse of the Shark's Tooth; The Brass Bell.


Frances Y. Evan told SATA: "My writing career began more than fifteen years ago when I worked as an education coordinator for a nonprofit seaport association in Norwalk, Connecticut. The association offered field trips at its facility for pre-school and elementary school children and introduced the nautical topic of the day with a story told in an entertaining and creative manner. My associate and I often found it difficult to find stories suitable for our needs and so I began to write them myself. My original stories were well received and highly praised by students, teachers, and parents attending our program. I became more and more comfortable, confident, and excited about writing.

"My love of history and the mysterious find of a vintage American flag stuffed in the attic rafters of our pre-Revolutionary War farmhouse inspired me to write a story of historical fiction for older children. I wanted to explain the reason the flag was hidden in the attic and began researching the records, documents, and written accounts of Fairfield, Connecticut during the Revolutionary War. I wove my fictitious story into the town's history, keeping the historical characters, dates, and events as accurate as possible. The Forgotten Flag: Revolutionary Struggle in Connecticut is my first published work.

"History is the telling of true stories. Historical fiction is a tool that can be used to enhance actual personalities and events of the past. It can create a deeper understanding of the passions of the time period and a better explanation for decisions and behaviors of individuals living at the time. I find myself drawn to this genre. I have recently completed a work of historical fiction for young adults and am currently writing my first novel of adult fiction.

"One of my favorite authors is Anya Seton. I had the privilege of meeting her in her home in Old Greenwich, Connecticut toward the end of her career. My favorite novel remains one of hers, Katherine, a work of historical fiction that takes place in fourteenth-century England."

Biographical and Critical Sources


School Library Journal, February, 2004, Karen T. Bilton, review of The Forgotten Flag: Revolutionary Struggle in Connecticut, p. 146.

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