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Michel Gay (1947–) Biography

Personal, Addresses, Career, Writings, Sidelights

Born 1947, in Lyon, France.


Agent—c/o Author Mail, Clarion Books, 215 Park Ave., New York, NY 10003.


Author and illustrator.



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French author and illustrator Michel Gay has created art for numerous books, including many self-authored titles. Among Gay's works translated into English are Zee, Zee Is Not Scared, and a series of books for toddlers that focus on helicopters, trucks, cars, and planes.

In Zee a young zebra named Zee awakens early in the morning and wants to snuggle with his parents. However, he is not allowed to climb into his parents' bed until they are awake, which they are not. To move things along, Zee decides to make his parents some coffee, but even this does not successfully wake them up. However, the gesture rouses them long enough to allow the young zebra to attain his goal: a warm spot between mom and dad. Gay's "airy watercolor illustrations are delightful," commented Genevieve Gallagher in a review of Zee for School Library Journal.

Gay follows Zee with Zee Is Not Scared. This time around the young zebra is scared to go to bed, but when he asks his parents for permission to stay up and watch television with them they refuse and tell him he will be fine. Frustrated, Zee decides to take his bedsheets and pretend to be a ghost, scaring his parents and making them think that danger truly lurks in the dark of his bedroom. Linda L. Walkins, writing in School Library Journal, stated that Gay's "bedtime adventure is illustrated with charming, shadowy watercolor paintings executed in subdued shades. The pictures depict the various emotions of the characters, helping to build the suspense as the story unfolds."

Biographical and Critical Sources


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