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Mitsumasa Anno (1926-) Biography

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Born 1926, in Tsuwano, Japan; Education: Graduated from Yamaguchi Teacher Training College, 1948.

Agent—c/o Author Mail, Philomel, Putnam Berkley Group, 200 Madison Ave., New York, NY 10016.

Artist, educator, essayist, and author and illustrator of children's books. Taught mathematics at elementary schools in Tokyo for ten years. Exhibitions: Has exhibited in major galleries and museums in Japan, Canada, the United States, and Great Britain. Military service: Japanese army; served during World War II.


Fushigi na E (title means "Mysterious Pictures"), Fukuinkan Shoten (Tokyo, Japan), 1968, translated as Topsy-Turvies: Pictures to Stretch the Imagination, Walker/Weatherhill (New York, NY), 1970, reprinted, 1989.

Sakasama, Fukuinkan Shoten (Tokyo, Japan), 1969, translated by Meredith Weatherby and Suzanne Trumbull as Upside Downers: More Pictures to Stretch the Imagination, Weatherhill (New York, NY), 1971.

Dr. Anno's Magical Midnight Circus, translated by Meredith Weatherby, Weatherhill (New York, NY), 1972.

ABC no Hon: hesomagari no afurabatto (title means "Book of ABCs: A Twisted Alphabet"), Fukuinkan Shoten (Tokyo, Japan), 1974, translated as Anno's Alphabet: An Adventure in Imagination, Crowell (New York, NY), 1975.

Kazoetemiyou, Kodansha (Tokyo, Japan), 1975, translated as Anno's Counting Book, Crowell (New York, NY), 1977.

Okina Monono Sukina Osama, Kodansha (Tokyo, Japan), 1976, translated as The King's Flower, Collins (New York, NY), 1979.

Tabi no Ehon (title means "Journey Book"), Fukuinkan Shoten (Tokyo, Japan), 1977, translated as Anno's Journey, Collins (New York, NY), 1978.

Mori no Ehon, Fukuinkan Shoten (Tokyo, Japan), 1977, translated as Anno's Animals, Collins (New York, NY), 1979.

Tabi no Ehon II (title means "Journey Book II"), Fukuinkan Shoten (Tokyo, Japan), 1978, translated as Anno's Italy, Bodley Head (London, England), 1979.

Tendo setsu no hon, Fukuinkan Shoten (Tokyo, Japan), 1979, translated as Anno's Medieval World, Philomel (New York, NY), 1980.

Nippon no uta (title means "Anno's Song Book"), Kodansha (Tokyo, Japan), 1979.

Anno Mitsumasa no Gashu, Kodansha (Tokyo, Japan), 1980, translated as The Unique World of Mitsumasa Anno: Selected Works (1968-1977), Philomel (New York, NY), 1980.

(With son, Masaichiro Anno) Mahotsukai no ABC, Kusokobo, 1980, translated as Anno's Magical ABC: An Anamorphic Alphabet, Philomel (New York, NY), 1981.

(With Masaichiro Anno) 10-nin no yukai na hikkoshi, Dowaya (Tokyo, Japan), 1981, translated as Anno's Counting House, Philomel (New York, NY), 1982.

Tabi no Ehon III (title means "Journey Book III"), Fukuinkan Shoten (Tokyo, Japan), 1981, translated as Anno's Britain, Philomel (New York, NY), 1982.

Tsubo no Naka, Dowaya (Tokyo, Japan), 1982.

Tabi no Ehon IV (title means "Journey Book IV"), Fukuinkan Shoten (Tokyo, Japan), 1982, translated as Anno's USA, Philomel (New York, NY), 1983.

(With Masaichiro Anno) Anno's Mysterious Multiplying Jar, Philomel (New York, NY), 1983, reprinted, 2004.

Nomi no Ichi, Dowaya (Tokyo, Japan), 1983, translated as Anno's Flea Market, Philomel (New York, NY), 1984.

(With others) Marui Chikyu no Maru Ichinichi (title means "Around the Clock in a Round World"), Dowaya (Tokyo, Japan), 1986, translated as All in a Day, Philomel (New York, NY), 1986.

Inai Inai Baa no Ehon, Dowaya (Tokyo, Japan), 1987 translated as Anno's Peekaboo, Philomel (New York, NY), 1987.

Anno's Math Games, Philomel (New York, NY), 1987.

Anno's Sundial, Putnam (New York, NY), 1987.

Niko Niko Kabocha, Dowaya (Tokyo, Japan), 1988, translated as Anno's Faces, Philomel (New York, NY), 1988.

In Shadowland, Orchard (New York, NY), 1988.

Anno's Math Games II, Putnam (New York, NY), 1989.

(Editor) Anno's Aesop: A Book of Fables by Aesop and Mr. Fox, Orchard (New York, NY), 1989.

Omen no Ehon, Dowaya (Tokyo, Japan), 1989, translated as Anno's Masks, Philomel (New York, NY), 1989.

(Reteller) Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, Kitsune ga hirotta Gurimu dowa, Iwanami Shoten (Tokyo, Japan), 1991, translated as Anno's Twice-Told Tales: The Fisherman and His Wife and The Four Clever Brothers, Philomel (New York, NY), 1993.

Anno's Counting Book Big Book, HarperCollins (New York, NY), 1992.

Fushigina tane, [Japan], translated as Anno's Magic Seeds, Putnam (New York, NY), 1994.

Tabi no Ehon V (title means "Journey Book V"), Fukuinkan Shoten (Tokyo, Japan), 2003, translated as Anno's Spain, Philomel (New York, NY), 2004.

Seishun no Bungotai, Chikuma Shobo (Tokyo, Japan), 2003.

Also author of Maze, Dr. Stone-Brain's Computer, and The Theory of Set.

Anno's books have been translated into Danish, Dutch, Spanish, French, Italian, Taiwanese, and Swedish.


Akihiro Nozaki, Akai Boshi, Dowaya (Tokyo, Japan), 1984, translated as Anno's Hat Tricks, Philomel (New York, NY), 1985.

Tsuyoshi Mori, Sanbiki no Kobuta, Dowaya (Tokyo, Japan), 1985, translated as Socrates and the Three Little Pigs, Philomel (New York, NY), 1986.

Michio Mado, The Animals: Selected Poems, translated by Empress Michiko of Japan, Philomel (New York, NY), 1992.

Michio Mado, Fushigi na poketto, [Japan], translated by Empress Michiko of Japan as The Magic Pocket: Selected Poems, Margaret K. McElderry Books (New York, NY), 1998.

Contributor of illustrations to All in a Day, PaperStar, 1999.

Anno's Journey was adapted as an animated filmstrip, Weston Woods, 1983; Anno's Math Games, an interactive CD-ROM, was produced by Putnam New Media, 1994.

A sixth volume in his "journey" series, to be titled Anno's Denmark.

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