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Colleen Madonna Flood Williams (1963-) Biography

Personal, Career, Writings, Work in Progress, Sidelights

Born 1963, in Buffalo, NY; Education: University of Alaska, Anchorage, 1999, B.Ed. Politics: Republican. Religion: "Catholic/Christian." Hobbies and other interests: Family, biking.


Freelance writer, beginning 1999.


Chuck Yeager, Famous Flyers, Chelsea House (Philadelphia, PA), 2003.

Homes of the Native Americans, Mason Crest Publishers, 2003.

The Festivals of Mexico, Mason Crest Publishers, 2003.

The People of Mexico, Mason Crest Publishers, 2003.

The Geography of Mexico, Mason Crest Publishers, 2003.

Also contributor to periodicals, and to books, including Writer's Handbook, 2004, and Chicken Soup for the Grandparent's Soul.

Work in Progress

My Adventure to the Arctic, My Adventure to the Forest Clubhouse, My Adventure to the Harbor, My Adventure to the Playground, and My Adventure to the Secret Cave, volumes in the "My Adventure" reader series, for Orchard Academy Press; a series of workbooks for children on the fifty United States.


Colleen Madonna Flood Williams told Something about the Author: "I have enjoyed writing since I was a child. After a battle against Stage 2b breast cancer, I decided to do what I loved to do most, which is to write. I began writing on the Internet for small publications and Web sites. Gradually, my portfolio grew and I was able to secure several magazine articles and then several book contracts.

"I am currently working with Windstorm Creative's Orchard Academy Press on a fifty-book workbook series on the United States that is designed for children."

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