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Born 1943; Female; three Education: Attended North Carolina State University.


Agent—c/o Author Mail, Houghton Mifflin, 222 Berkeley St., Boston, MA 02116-3764.


Graphic designer; illustrator and author.

Honors Awards

Caldecott Honor book designation (with Steve Jenkins), 2004, for What Do You Do with a Tail like This?


(With husband, Steve Jenkins) Animals in Flight, Houghton Mifflin (Boston, MA), 2001.

(With husband, Steve Jenkins) What Do You Do with a Tail like This?, Houghton Mifflin (Boston, MA), 2003.


See entry on Steve Jenkins elsewhere in this volume.

Biographical and Critical Sources


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about 3 years ago

Hi there,

My name is Melissa Mead, and i'm writing with a request.

I am producing an Ebook (initially) of children's illustrations. 50 illustrations alltogether aimed at children.

This is a special Ebook and is being produced in memory of my son William who passed away last December from Sepsis. I am planning to donate all the proceeds to the UK Sepsis Trust, as you can imagine this is a charity close to my heart. 37,000 people die from sepsis every year in the UK, when it is so easily treatable. I would like to help the charity in some way as part of William's legacy.

I was hoping that Robin Page, might be interested in providing an illustration for me? The source and credit in the ebook would of course go to him. It is just one image with no text or poems, and the rights for the image would be for the book nothing else, so you could use it for your own purposes.

I am finding living without my son extremely hard and i'm trying my best to focus on something positive, and to somehow make something positive come out of William's passing. If you would like to check out my blog www.amotherwithoutachild.com that would give you a little more insight into who I am.

I really hope this message makes its way to Robin and even better if he would provide an illustration for our book in memory of William. All proceeds going directly to the UK Sepsis Trust.

One more thing, if Robin would do this for us, we would somehow like a balloon incorporated into the illustration whether it be the focus, or simply hidden, balloons were William's favourite thing to play with and we thought this would be more fun for the children.

He had just celebrated his first birthday on the 27th November, we are holding a memorial balloon release in his memory this year which would mark his second birthday.

Thank you very much for your time, and I really hope you can do an illustration for our ebook.

Thank you
Williams mummy, Melissa