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Carol Lynn MacGregor - Career

boise emmett school cascade

Research assistant to U.S. Senator Len B. Jordan, Washington, DC, 1964-67; Alaska Airlines, Seattle, WA, executive secretary, 1968-69; Secretary of State, Boise, ID, microfilm programmer, 1969; Emmett Independent School District, director of pilot program to integrate Mexican children into mainstream classrooms, 1970-72; Office of Economic Opportunity, teacher of English as a second language and of preparation for G.E.D. tests, 1972-73; Boise State University, Boise, ID, adjunct professor of Spanish, political science, and humanities, 1970-2001. Owner of Black Canyon Ranch, Emmett, ID, 1988-97; owner of "Carol's Collection," a jewelry boutique, 1992-96; owner of Belvedere Ranch, Cascade, ID, 1997—. Owner of other ranches in Cascade and Emmett, ID. Speaker for Idaho Humanities Council, 1998—, and presenter at numerous conferences, school visits, symposia, and seminars. Leader of interpretive tours on the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

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